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Repairs Speaker Problems for Lg Optimus Q


If the speaker of your Mobile are failing, completely dead than you will need to send us the unit so our team of experts to replace the dead or failing unit with a brand new genuine one, to restore audio capability and quality to you Mobile.

What can cause the problem?

The unit was dropped or smashed.
Considering the constant use, suffers from wear and tear quite quickly.
Unit got liquid damage.

What we can do?

We will inspect and repair your unit.
We will replace the broken parts with brand new genuine ones, othe wise indicated graded parts.

How long it would take?

While you wait services for: Speaker replacement and ohet faults.
The repairs will take up to 24 Hours, if will be longer then that you will be notified by email.

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O A Ogunyemi
Excellent service.

Katie Crooks
Having tried to get my phone fixed through my mobile phone provider for a couple of weeks, it was lovely to contact yourselves and get helpful advice and a very quick service. The screen is not perfect, but having lived without a moblile for a month I really appreciate having it back, especially as all my contact information is still stored on the phone.

Excellent! While-you-wait repair was exactly what I needed as I managed to break my phone just before a business trip. I even recommended you to a lady with a cracked HTC screen on the return flight to the UK.

Adrian Donaldson
Great service. Fast. Repaired over the weekend, which I didn't expect. Will recommend you to others. Regards Robert Donaldson

Peter Connolly
My Palm Pre suffered damage to the SIM connectors – this effectively made the phone useless as without it being able to access the SIM card it served little purpose. I searched the web for a repair service and there were very few companies that repair Palm handsets. After reading the reviews of Mobile Repair Service I filled out the questionnaire choose the fast track option and mailed my phone to them. They notified me when the received the phone, the status was continually updated and the unit repaired very quickly. It was returned to me within two days and has worked perfectly since. Many thanks for an excellent service and I will certainly be recommending you to friends and colleagues alike.