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Repairs Charging/Power Problems for Samsung B5310


If you connect your Mobile to electricity and is not charging, it smells like burned rubber and smoke comes out of the unit, the charging connector is damaged or it`s missing, or you don`t see if your Mobile is charging send the unit to our repair service. The repair will include replacing the broken parts with brand new genuine ones for your Mobile to charge properly.

What can cause the problem?

The unit was dropped or smashed.
Unit got liquid damage.
Considering the constant use, suffers from wear and tear quite quickly.

What we can do?

We will inspect and repair your unit.
We will replace the broken parts with brand new genuine ones, other wise indicated graded parts.
Additional devices need to be installed with SWS adaptors by technicians.

How long it would take?

While you wait services for: Broken part replacement and ohet faults.
The repairs will take up to 24 Hours, if will be longer then that you will be notified by email.

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Mohammad Arif
The repair service was good, not the cheapest in the world but better than the OEM, would I recommend it to others, YES.

numan khan
Very happy

T. Wymant
the repair has been/and is entirely to my satisfaction,the phone looks as new as ever.May i just mention the package that the phone was sent back in was a real boon because it kept the phone well secured. Again many thnx.......

Eileen Tilley
I am delighted with the repair of my phone and look for ward to many more years with it. The service was excellent and very quick. Prices are reasonable and I will recommend this service to anyone.

Paul Newby
My Blackberry 9870 had a broken LCD and the unit was repaired and returned within 5 days door to door. The service was very easy to use and I got regular updates on the progress. All in all a very good service that I would use again.