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ZTE Repairs, Repairs for every ZTE mobile phone

ZTE repairs, Repairs ZTE, Repairs ZTE mobile phone, mobile phone repairs

ZTE mobile phone

Acer M900 Repairs
M900 LCD/display problems
Repairs ZTE M900
Repair price:
79.99 GBP
Description If your Mobile LCD screen is broken or cracked and on the outside is completely intact but the inside looks like a smashed pain glass or if you can`t see anything on the screen, but you ...
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Nokia X6 8GB Repairs
X6 8GB Charging/Power Problems
Repairs ZTE X6 8GB
Repair price:
19.99 GBP
Description If you connect your Mobile to electricity and is not charging, it smells like burned rubber and smoke comes out of the unit, the charging connector is damaged or it`s missing, or you do ...
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Martin Bone
Great work!

fleur varco-s,mith
very pleased with prompt quick service received and phone is as it was thank you. would recommend your services

Antony Martin
i had the battery replaced in my tom tom, and the touchscreen on my nokia phone replaced, and i am extremely happy with both fixes, and would happily recommend you to others. many thanks Antony

Paal Huth Bertelsen
Very satisfied. Will use this service in the future if needed. Recommended.

Tolu Momoh
The service provided was excellent, quick and very clever. You could track the progress at of the repairs at anytime. All was done in less than a week. I would definitely recommend a friend. Good Job!!