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Blackberry Storm 9500 Repairs
Storm 9500 LCD/display problems
Repairs O2 Storm 9500
Repair price:
44.99 GBP
Description If your Mobile LCD screen is broken or cracked and on the outside is completely intact but the inside looks like a smashed pain glass or if you can`t see anything on the screen, but you ...
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SonyEricsson Elm Repairs
Elm Lens Replacement
Repairs O2 Elm
Repair price:
24.99 GBP
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Helen McCarey
I received an excellent and fast service, sent my mobile on the Thursday and received an email on Saturday to notify me that it had been repaired. Would recommend.

Benn Robinson
I cannot recommend MRS highly enough. Sent my phone away 2 days before new year - at the height of the snow chaos. Received an e-mail acknowledgement the day after, and an advice that a part needed to be ordered the day after that. My phone came back in about 10 days, working perfectly - and for about the same price that the screen was being sold for on EBay. I would have no hesitation using MRS again, or recommending them to anyone.

T. Wymant
the repair has been/and is entirely to my satisfaction,the phone looks as new as ever.May i just mention the package that the phone was sent back in was a real boon because it kept the phone well secured. Again many thnx.......

Philip Harrison
Very satisfied with the service. The phone was repaired at the quoted price and returned on time.

mr roger j murphy
Good service, efficient.