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Nokia 1280 Repairs, Repairs for Nokia 1280

Most common faults
LCD/display problems (24%)
Microphone issues (22%)
Speaker Problems (19%)
Liquid Dammage (12%)
Charging/Power Problems (2%)
Nokia 1280 repairs
Is your Nokia 1280 broken?
Don't worry, most of Nokia 1280 mobile phones can be repaired at low costs.
We can fix the following problems:
Button problems
Microphone issues
Mobile Security
Power Problems
Software Issues
Phone Reconditioning
Reception issues
Speaker Problems
LCD/display problems
Charging/Power Problems
Data Transfer and Recovery
Language Changes
Liquid Damage
Inspection Only
No Power
Lens Replacement
Glass Replacement
Housing Replacement
Trackball Replacement
Trackpad Replacement
Keypad Replacement
Home Button Replacement
Headphone Socket Replacement
Unbrick Repair Dead Boot
Dead Boot Repair

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sarah fordham
It was an excellent service and the turnaround was excellent too. I would certainly recommend this service to anyone.

Herbert Sukhu
The device works well due to efficient technical repairs undertaken with quality service and assurance. Highly recommended to anyone out there ! Best Regards, Herbert Sukhu, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

david warner
excellent service thank you. Will us again should I need any more help with repairs to any mobiles

My mobile is working well so far. Thank you for your work. Are you also able to provide software updates and modifications like oveclocking, installation of another operating system?

Philip Harrison
Very satisfied with the service. The phone was repaired at the quoted price and returned on time.