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mobile phone repair service
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Need a repair for your mobile phone? We are here to help you!
Here are your benefits:
mobile phone repair service
  Inspect repair and ship your mobile phone within 24 hours
mobile phone repair service
  90 Days warranty to all repairs done with us for mobile phone
mobile phone repair service
  Online Service to check the status of your mobile phone
mobile phone repair service
  Experienced team (see testimonials)
mobile phone repair service
  Repair 99% of faults like No Power, Touchscreen, Language Changes

How does this work?

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We collect the device from you
We repair the device(no fix no fee) and you can always track repair status
We bring device back to you
You can book online your repair
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Come to our office to get the repaired device
Request a call back
Get a satnav repair engineer to call you back

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What kind of mobile phone faults can we repair:

Most common faults:


Paul Newby
My Blackberry 9870 had a broken LCD and the unit was repaired and returned within 5 days door to door. The service was very easy to use and I got regular updates on the progress. All in all a very good service that I would use again.

I had a problem with my speaker Nokia 8800 and it was fixed and works perfectly. So I am very pleased with the repair work. Great job. Thank you.

Alexander Williams
it was very good the repair was quick

Warren Thomas
A great bunch of people, very helpful and A1 service as usual.

Martin Judd
VERY fast service. Couldn't be better. Thanks.

Apple iPhone 4 Repairs
iPhone 4 Touchscreen
Repairs   iPhone 4
Repair price:
39.99 GBP
Description A touchscreen is a display that can detect the presence and location of a touch within the display area. Refers to touch or contact to the display of the device by a finger or hand. Se ...
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Blackberry Storm 9530 Repairs
Storm 9530 LCD/display problems
Repairs  Storm 9530
Repair price:
44.99 GBP
Description If your Mobile LCD screen is broken or cracked and on the outside is completely intact but the inside looks like a smashed pain glass or if you can`t see anything on the screen, but you ...
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Salih Yildiz
Everything was done properly and I have been using it for 2 weeks. All seem to be working well. The service was good. I did not have to wait for long and the price was competitive. thanks vey much.

Chris Cuss
Excellent service and repair. Had to wait a couple of days for new screen but only to be expected for a phone which is not made any more. Delivered day after repair, extremely well packaged. Overall very good service, would recommend! Chris Cuss Tetbury, Glos.

Tara Watson
mended USB port on both my Nokia E90 promptly. The mend seems to be of very good quality.

s. gears
i was very happy with the work done on my sons phone, done very quickly.

patrck wragg
Great work. Speedy and good tracking system. You replaced the microphone in my device and it is working perfectly now. I would recommend you send an email when the device has been dispatched in future but in all, very good service and I will recommend your services to others.